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Computer Forensics
This site is a brief guide to help individuals and organizations find companies that perform computer forensic services.

These services can help you locate, collect, analyze and authenticate potential electronic evidence located in computers and digital media storage devices. Most of these services perform all of the operations themselves, however, there is a small amount of software applications that will allow you to perform the more basic steps yourself.

We have divided our select database of companies into several lists. One list details all of the companies, sorted alphabetically. The other groupings are state guides which came about by sorting these organizations based upon the home state of the company.

If you have had a good experience using a service of this type, please let us know about it. Likewise, if you work for a quality company or know of a helpful organization in this field, please let us know about that as well.

Please be aware that these listings are for our viewer's convenience only and we are not necessarily endorsing any the companies listed here.

US companies by state

Canada computer forensics companies

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