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Canadian Computer Forensic Companies & Services
This is our list of some of the more popular computer forensics businesses in Canada today.

If you know of a company that should be added to the list, please let us know. Thanks.

Computer Forensics Inc.
Offers services in electronic discovery, forensic analysis and expert witness services.

ESS Data Recovery
Supplies services to individuals, government and companies. They specialize in hard disk drive recovery as well as computer forensics.

FDR Forensic Data Recovery Inc.
Leaders in digital forensics and eDiscovery professional services. FDR consistently supports best practices in the preservation, recovery, analysis and court-ready reporting of digital evidence.

Global Digital Forensics
Specializes in the forensic analysis of all types of digital assets for corporate clients and electronic document discovery for law firms.

Kessler International
A leader in forensic accounting, computer forensics, brand protection and corporate investigation.

LWG Consulting
Provides investigation services tailored to individual company requirements for computer forensic and e-discovery cases.

ManTech Security & Mission Assurance
Provides environment-tailored computer forensics, information assurance and information system security support to federal and local intelligence, law enforcement and corporate customers.

Data forensics in criminal or civil legal matters, plus corporate investigations. Analysis and expert testimony provided nationwide.

Primary Technologies
Located in Oakville (Toronto), Primary Technologies provides data recovery services, digital analysis, recovery, and preservation of data for criminal or civil legal matters.

Stroz Friedberg
Stroz Friedberg is a computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and e-discovery and disclosure company with offices in the UK and United States.

Tunstall and Tunstall
Located in Ottawa, one of Canada's premier technology centers, Tunstall and Tunstall Inc. has provided data recovery services throughout Canada and the U.S. for over a decade.

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