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Computer Forensic Companies and Services
This is our list of select organizations in the computer forensic industry. Clicking on the name of the company will allow you to visit that company's Web site in a new browser window.

If you know of a company or organization that should be added to the list, please let us know. Thanks.

AccessData delivers computer forensic solutions and is a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification.

ACR Data Recovery, Inc.
A full-scale data recovery center and provides computer forensic software and in-house services to corporations and individuals. They also offer software for do-it-yourself recovery situations.

Burgess Consulting and Forensics
Providing professional computer forensic, electronic discovery and expert witness services across three decades.

Center for Computer Forensics
Provides litigation and evidence gathering support through data recovery and retrieval services by recovering data and electronic evidence.

Computer Forensics Inc.
Offers services in electronic discovery, forensic analysis and expert witness services.

Computer Forensics Resources
Computer Forensics Resources, has the resources to perform computer forensic analysis and computer forensic investigation for legal firms, small businesses and large corporations, law enforcement, universities, professors, doctors, lawyers and hospitals. You may have data security requirements that exceed the training of your Information Technology department or your local computer technician. Examiners are certified and have years of experience performing computer forensic analysis.

Cyber Agents Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky computer specialists providing expert assistance to attorneys since 1999.

Cyber Investigation Services LLC
This licensed cyber investigation firm specializes in the investigation of civil and criminal cases worldwide for law firms, corporations and high profile individuals. They offer litigation support, incident response, electronic discovery, forensic investigations and identification of anonymous attackers.

Houston-based computer forensics company provides both training and services. The computer forensics training classes run all year and are available for both the novice and the advanced investigator. The computer forensic investigations service helps companies and law firms conduct forensic data recovery for policy violations or litigation support.

A Manchester computer forensics company, provides proactive and reactive computer forensic investigation services to the public and private sector including law enforcement agencies, solicitors and corporate companies.

Data Recon, LLC
Wisconsin-based service specializing in computer forensic cases.

Digital Mountain, Inc.
Digital Mountain is a provider of computer forensics, electronic discovery, network forensics and electronic management services on a national basis. They also provide expert witness services for law firms and enterprises.

Offers data recovery and computer forensic services to individuals, corporations and government agencies. They perform recoveries in-house, onsite, and even remotely if the client requests it.

e-fense, Inc.
Certified computer forensic professionals firm offers computer forensics, network security and electronic discovery. Offices in Colorado, Texas, Virginia and Washington, DC.

eMag Solutions
Based in the US and UK, eMag provides computer forensic software and services.

ESS Data Recovery
Supplies services to individuals, government and companies. They specialize in hard disk drive recovery as well as computer forensics.

FDR Forensic Data Recovery Inc.
Leaders in digital forensics and eDiscovery professional services. FDR consistently supports best practices in the preservation, recovery, analysis and court-ready reporting of digital evidence.

Flashback Data
Firm offers both in-lab and onsite services.

ForenSec, Ltd.
Serves attorneys, corporations and government agencies with
its digital forensics, technical consulting, and expert witness services.

Forensicon, Inc
Chicago-based firm providing top-notch assistance to law firms and corporations nationwide in expert computer forensics and electronic discovery services.

Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC
The FCS forensics team has experience on projects involving cooperative and adversarial matters. Their facilities include a state-of-the-art forensics lab and secure media storage facility. Their experience includes involvement in some of the largest litigation on record.

Global Digital Forensics
Specializes in the forensic analysis of all types of digital assets for corporate clients and electronic document discovery for law firms.

Great Scott Enterprises
Full-service computer consulting firm offers a variety of electronic and computer forensic services.

Guidance Software Inc
Guidance Software's Professional Services Division offers expertise in computer forensics and enterprise investigations. As the creator of EnCase®, the most widely used computer forensics tool, Guidance Software combined its staff of seasoned law enforcement and corporate investigators to create a team of consultants offering technical services, forensics labs and a direct link to legal and engineering support.

Provides independent national expert witness, computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and forensic data recovery to the legal sector, police forces, local authorities and commercial organisations.

Kessler International
A leader in forensic accounting, computer forensics, brand protection and corporate investigation. They also offer expert witness services and more.

LC Tech
Manufactures undelete and recovery software and offers computer forensic training classes in its Florida training facility.

Loehrs & Associates
International computer forensics company providing exceptional service in civil and criminal cases. Loehrs has been hired as a computer forensics expert on hundreds of cases and testified over ninety times in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States, several U.S. territories, Canada and England.

LuciData is an Internal Threat Management, ESI and Computer Forensic consulting company servicing SMB and Enterprise clients. With 40+ years combined experience in proactive incident preventive techniques to reactive forensic investigations and litigation preparation, LuciData understands the intricacies involved in recommending and preparing the best solution set for each client's particular needs.

LWG Consulting
LWG provides investigation services tailored to achieve specific goals and requirements for computer forensic and e-discovery cases.

ManTech Security
Specializes in providing secure, environment-tailored computer forensics, information assurance and information system security support to federal, state and local intelligence, defense, law enforcement and corporate customers.

Midwest Data Group
Offers computer forensic services via data recovery analysis resulting in a detailed report of findings, including expert witness testimony if requested.

The Norcross Group
The Norcross Group provides digital investigations, computer forensics, forensic accounting and document management services. Their team consists of former FBI Special Agents, U.S. Treasury Agents, and financial and corporate investigators with significant courtroom testimony experience as well as security clearances.

Specializes in data forensics in civil and criminal legal matters, and corporate investigations. Analysis and expert testimony provided nationwide.

Project Leadership Associates
Chicago based technology service organization that offers expertise in computer forensics, data analysis and expert testimony.

Red Cliff Consulting, LLC
Red Cliff offers elite professional services and education to clients requiring customized proactive or reactive security solutions to meet their individual needs. Red Cliff's services include: strategic information security program development, information security program audits and compliance assessments, computer forensics and litigation support, incident response, technical assessments, special projects, and education.

Renew Data
Supplies the legal community with services including consulting, retrieving and restoring data, analyzing forensic results and expert witness testimony.

Sapphire Technologies
Sapphire is an information security advisor: IT Security, computer forensics penetration testing, BS7799 and ISO27001 consultancy, business assurance, CLAS, CHECK, technical consultancy.

Sector Forensics
Sector Forensics, based in London and Nottingham, provides computer, mobile phone forensics and expert witness services to the business, legal and law enforcement communities.

Setec Investigations
Setec Investigations offers unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, providing highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.

Stroz Friedberg
Stroz Friedberg is a computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and e-discovery and disclosure company with offices in the UK and United States.

Tunstall and Tunstall
Located in Ottawa, one of Canada's premier technology centers, Tunstall and Tunstall Inc. has provided data recovery services throughout Canada and the U.S. for over a decade.

1ct – Forensic Data Recovery Solutions
1CT Forensic Data Recovery Solutions provides a solution for law enforcement agencies requiring access to digital media. 1CT Forensic Data Recovery Solutions provides a solution for these and other cases whilst following ACPO guidelines.

7Safe is a digital forensic service in Cambridge. As well as working with solicitors, barristers and law enforcement agencies, 7Safe also provides the university-accredited Certified Forensic Investigation Analyst (CFIA) qualification.

911 Forensic Data
911 Forensic Data and their affiliates/partners are qualified in the computer forensic and electronic services field. Their staff of certified technicians along with their experience and expertise in computer forensic data legal matters will help you build your legal case.

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